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Clarkstown Reformed Church — Response to COVID-19

Our most important duty at Clarkstown Reformed Church is to follow God’s will in all circumstances, even when we do not know where the road on which we travel will lead. Often this means continuing to do what churches do — provide opportunities for the community to gather for worship and to deepen our understanding of the Word of God through study and mutual sharing. Part of our mission at CRC is to bless the larger community by bringing people together for meals and fellowship.

The current international health crisis presents unique challenges and opportunities.

The best medical information available tells us that in order to get the spread of the COVID-19 under control people should AVOID gathering in groups.

The spread of the virus is subtle, and those who are infected often do not know they have the virus for weeks, during which they are unknowingly spreading the disease. We can anticipate that the spread of the virus here in the U.S. will replicate what we have seen in China and Italy.

We are being urged by the medical community and by civic leaders of all parties and at every level to avoid being in crowds. The virus can be spread by even casual contact with those already infected. Once on a surface, like a doorknob or a pew, it can live for hours if not days. Simply put, when we gather, no matter what the size of the gathering, we are putting ourselves and others at risk.

In New York and New Jersey, the Catholic Archbishops have taken the unprecedented step of cancelling all masses this weekend.

The health and safety of our worshiping community (physical as well as spiritual) is our paramount concern.

Therefore at Clarkstown Reformed Church:

All on-site worship and religious education will be suspended at least until Palm Sunday (April 5th);

Beginning Sunday March 22 we will live stream a Sunday service specially created for online worship. It will be broadcast on Zoom and Facebook (at 10:30 a.m.). If you’d like to participate simply go to our Facebook page (;

• Services and other messages will also be posted and available for viewing on the Church’s newly created YouTube channel;

• We will send copies of Sunday prayers and the sermon text to everyone in our directory and to all others who request to be included in the mailing. Please call the office at (845) 358-4320 to request this mailing and let us know how you would like to receive it (snail-mail, email, etc.);

• Our Lent religious study will be conducted over Zoom, if you’re interested please send us a request and we’ll add you to the Zoom meeting on Wednesdays;

• All events involving gathering together are cancelled:

• The St. Patrick’s Dinner/Dance

• The Seven Last Words Oratorio

• We will be creating a method for online giving — please continue to send your tithes and offerings so that the church can continue to serve you and the community.

Pastor Rich will still be available for prayer and counseling.

We will be putting a prayer intention box outside the church for anyone in the community to leave prayer requests.

On a more positive note, if anyone in the community is “quarantined,” or self-isolating, or at risk (because of underlying conditions), CRC will help you with shopping, food delivery, or meal delivery.

Please let us know your need and we’ll do whatever we can to keep you supplied with food and other necessities.

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