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Our Covenant with the Community

1. We will make every effort to stay in touch with our congregation and community. a. Sunday services will be live-streamed over our social media platforms. b. Wednesday Lent/Bible Study will be done on Zoom. c. We will develop a “buddy system” through which every member of our worshiping community will be contacted by his/her “buddy” or prayer partner every day for a short prayer and a little conversation. d. The Pastor or one of the Deacons/Elders will contact each member of the worshiping community at least once a week. i. On those calls we will try to ascertain needs as well as willingness to volunteer. e. We will use Zoom to have weekly “prayer call and conversations” with members of the worshiping community. Each conversation will begin with a conversation starter. If there are enough participants we will break into smaller groups using Zoom’s “rooms” function. Time to be determined. f. We have created a Deacon’s Emergency Fund to help members of the worshiping community and other neighbors who are in need due to the financial ramifications of the COVID national emergency.

2. It is our mission to respond to the needs of the local community. Among the most important of those needs are: social isolation/loneliness; and inability to go out and obtain necessities such as food, medicines, etc. a. We will develop a food delivery ministry to help our elderly, quarantined, and at-risk neighbors. People can call the office and we will pick up their shopping, laundry, etc. b. If people ask us to do so, we will initiate a daily “wellness call” to those living alone. c. We’ll host “neighborhood chats” on Zoom for any group of friends/neighbors who request us to set up the service. Call the office to schedule your chat - (845) 358-4320. d. Starting immediately CRC will begin receiving donations of non-perishable food to distribute to the food insecure of Clarkstown. This is NOT a food pantry — this is a temporary response to potential shortages of food that may cause hardship to some of our neighbors.

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