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We're Coming Back

Christianity, CS Lewis observed, is not a solitary religion. We are part of each other; we journey together into the Kingdom of God.

God did not make us to be isolated and apart from one another, God made us to be in communion with Him and in community with one another. Since last March, many of us have suffered from the separation we were forced to observe from all but our closest family members.

The CRC family has not been able to worship or fellowship together since last Palm Sunday - almost a year ago. The corona virus which swept across the world beginning in late 2019 shut down much of America - including her churches.

Concerned for the safety of our congregation and employees, many of whom were “at risk” because of the deadly virus, Clarkstown Reformed Church began holding our services exclusively online using the tools of technology available to us. Over the course of a year, those services have become truly beautiful in every way: our music continues to be exceptional and the worship service itself remains reverent and rooted in the Gospel message. While other churches have lost membership through the pandemic, attendance at the CRC Sunday services has grown in numbers and in diversity. Since moving exclusively online five new members have joined our church!

God does, indeed, write straight with crooked lines.

As far as Covid is concerned, Clarkstown is safer now: more people have immunity due to vaccination or benign exposure to the virus: could herd immunity be far behind? Protocols such as wearing masks, taking routine hygiene precautions, and staying a safe distance from each other all make public gatherings safer. New York State is loosening its restrictions on the number of people who may attend large indoor gatherings, and churches are free, under the US Constitution to gather and worship as they see fit.

In short, things are slowly returning to “normal.”

At CRC we will resume live and in-person services on Mothers’ Day May 9th. While we welcome all to gather together in the sanctuary for this new beginning, some may still be concerned about the virus, and for them we will be continuing our online worship service, live streamed at 10:30 AM and then available on the church website ( We hope that the same level of excellence we have come to expect of our online services will continue as we go live once again and gather as a community of friends and disciples.

The One who has seen us safely through the storm will guide us onward as we continue our journey together into God’s Own future.

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